• Common Questions

    What's the use of a travel wishlist?

    All of us have life goals written somewhere. If one of it is about building towards a well-travelled lifestyle, we put interesting places into a vision board, bucket list, dream book, to-do list (collectively a travel wishlist), when we least expect something inspirational from our social feeds and casual browsing.


    In reality, this list is not just a list reserved for future trips. It is also an important list which forms a starting point to research and watch for fares or deals that will get them closer to checking off the list.

    How is LinedUp different from other trip planners / travel aggregators / fare comparison sites?

    LinedUp is a travel wishlist app, so it is none of the above categorically. Think of it like a bucket list if you already have one. In contrast, trip planners such as Google Trips lets you create day-by-day itineraries, and metasearch engines (aggregators, comparison sites) such as Skyscanner lets you compare prices from multiple travel agents or suppliers.

  • More Questions

    If none of your questions are answered, you may send an email to hello@tripslinedup.com.

    To whom is a travel wishlist app useful?

    Whether you are a frequent or an occasional traveller, LinedUp is designed for those who highly regard travel as their aspirational lifestyle. This could be motivated by multiple reasons, such as desire for freedom, infectious happiness, self-discovery or cultural exposure. If you don't plan to travel now but you don't want to forget your ideas, or if you're building towards a future where you can treat travel as a lifestyle, this app is for you.

    What kind of Places can I keep in my Travel Wishlist?

    Anywhere! A Place is any state, any city or even any specific location on Earth, such as resort islands, historical sites, landmarks, etc. It's up to you.

    Are the prices of the flight deals marked up?

    The price of the flight deal you see in LinedUp may be different from the moment you are being redirected to the respective agent or airline via Skyscanner. Price fluctuations are normal but you will be paying the actual price shown by the agent or airline at their checkout pages. We do not mark up the prices.

    Why should I use LinedUp over my favourite booking platform or agent?

    LinedUp does not aim to replace a travel agent nor replace a flight booking platform. It is also not the next Skyscanner. It is fundamentally a smart travel wishlist application that also allows you to find out the best agent or airline via Skyscanner. One of the best things LinedUp does is that it figures out what are the right destination cities and airport codes based on your selection of Places for your next trip, especially if the Places are not city names.

    The flight deal suggestions are not accurate.

    It is possible that technically it makes sense, but it doesn't make sense from human judgement. One of the upcoming features on the roadmap is to give back some control to you to alter the suggestions.

    Are you able to track deals related to rooms and activities?

    It's on the roadmap, but it's not quite there yet.

    What is the user status for?

    It's a way to show our appreciation and value your trust in us. Depending on your level of usage and when you started testing LinedUp, you would have either the 'Super Early User', 'Early User' or 'Special User' status. This is a way to identify what pricing tier (free, paid or discounted) you will be given as LinedUp grows and offers competitive features.

    Why kind of company is LinedUp?

    At present, LinedUp is an unregistered startup entity; it is just a mobile application. However, when LinedUp is also a company name, it is intended to be a travel-tech startup, not an online travel agency (OTA), a metasearch engine, a trip planning startup nor a booking platform/marketplace. The product is a travel wishlist app, while the business is potentially a travel deals discovery platform.


    By the way, if you're interested to grow this project together, please send an email to hello@tripslinedup.com.

    What's the problem and the value provided here?

    Our social feeds inspire us with exciting travel experiences, but not everyone who makes a note of it can say they did it. In addition, most travel companies don’t know what’s next on our minds, pinging us bookings that don’t matter to our travel inspirations and goals.


    This project is started to allow any aspiring travel lifestyle builder to curate interesting places into a wishlist for later, so that they can be matched with a suggested permutation of relevant bookings such as airfares, rooms, activities, etc, in a way that is timely and affordable, to check off the list. But this value proposition is not quite there yet, because deep personalisation is at the heart of the challenge.